Church brings ribbon-cutting to ailing supporter


Jennifer Peters was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer when she made a $10,000 donation to Living Hope Church. That became the seed in a $5 million fundraising effort to buy the former Kmart building on Andresen Road. So, it was fitting that when it came time to cut the ribbon for the grand opening, she would do the honors.

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Megastore becomes megachurch


It looks like the nickname “Kmart Church” is here to stay.

The former central Vancouver megastore will become the permanent home of megachurch Living Hope Church, according to the Rev. John Bishop. Bishop said he’s got $5.2 million in donations and investments in the bank, and will close on the property next week.

“We told people this was the promised land and they looked at us like, what?” Bishop told a meeting of his 60-strong staff on Friday morning. “We were told, ‘There’s no chance of you raising $5 million.’”

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Living Hope Church short $1M fundraising goal as deadline nears

(Photo: Zachary Kaufman)

Faith, according to the Rev. John Bishop, is what you have when you believe in something but cannot see it.

Faith is what Bishop is relying upon as his church heads toward a final Oct. 20 deadline to raise $5 million.

Living Hope Church is struggling to raise sufficient funds to buy the former Kmart building at 2711 N.E. Andresen Road. That’s 85,000 square feet of space on 10 acres of land. The price is $5 million, and Bishop said he’s already begged landowner Kuni Enterprises for extension after extension to raise enough money. He’s not counting on any more extensions, he said.

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Megachurch Asks for $1M to Stay in Former K-Mart, 'Promised Land'

(Photo: Living Hope Church)

The pastor of a 6,000-member church that meets in a former K-Mart building is asking other churches to help with the $1 million needed to stay on the property he considers the “promised land.”

Living Hope Church Pastor John Bishop, who wrote the book Dangerous Church, which is primarily about the risk-taking culture of his congregation, said he has 40 days to come up with the money needed to supplement the $4 million already collected to buy the building.

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Can God Work a Million Dollar Miracle in Forty Days?

We know that the answer is yes. Throughout Scripture, God has accomplished it repeatedly. He's even done far more in far less time. He did, after all, create the universe in just six days.

Right now, John Bishop and Living Hope Church are attempting something that seems impossible - get 1,000 churches to give $1,000 in just 40 days so that they can purchase an old K-Mart building in a part of town with the highest homeless rate, crime rate, and ethnic diversity in all of Vancouver, Washington.

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Despite Spiritual Warfare, Megachurch Asks for $1M to Keep Their Home

Although the church has faced immense amounts of spiritual warfare, members of Living Hope Church plan to raise almost $1 million in just one month.

The Vancouver, Wash.-based 6,000-member megachurch needs $5 million to purchase the building they currently meet in. The church has already raised $4.2 million, and launched a campaign Monday to raise the rest. As part of the Forty First Day campaign, Senior Pastor John Bishop asked 1,000 churches to each give $1,000 so the church could meet its goal.

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