Archives for Jul 2012

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A Dark Knight... No Doubt

In the wake of the massacre in Colorado less than one week ago, I was thinking about the movie The Dark Knight Rises, and how it really was a dark night in Colorado, no doubt about it....Read More

Arm Lifters

This last weekend, as I taught from Exodus chapter 17 I was reminded about how we have to stay desperately dependent on ONLY GOD. Check out this passage....Read More

Don't Just Do Something, Stand There!

I love summer, all 8 weeks of it. :) We are currently at our annual family reunion in Prineville, Oregon. My daughter and son-in-law Jordan are attending school in Kansas City and on the way here they kept saying over and over how much they love the Pacific NW. Katie, so appropriately said something like "Dad, without the rain you wouldn't have the green". Whatever. :)...Read More