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Nicaragua was an incredible International mission opportunity as two teams traveled to the major cities of Esteli, Chinandega, and the Capitol city of Managua. Pastor Neal Curtiss lead a pre-crusade team of 12 people that made preparations in dozens of churches in Esteli for what was known as "The Festival".

The city was divided into 4 sections and each evening a team ministered to several churches in each section. The team encouraged churches through preaching, singing, testimonies, and training, to bring unchurched people to the festival. Pastor John and a smaller team met up with the team already in Esteli to make final preparations for the festival. God's favor was upon us as news reports, television, radio, and newspapers carried the event both locally and nationally. Attendance was strong as an estimated 12,000 people came to the festival on Saturday night and an estimated 1000 people responded to the gospel and made commitments to follow Christ.

We shared an awesome time with the people, pastors, churches, and civil leaders of Esteli. Several churches are considering coming under the umbrella of Living Hope Church. A training team lead by Pastor John hosted a Dangerous Church Conference for Pastors, their wives, and church leaders in 3 major cities. Pastor Felix Rosales our contact pastor for Nicaragua brought together a combined total of over 1000 pastors and churches in the 3 cities for the day of training that some called a life changing day of inspiration and hope! Our influence in the country of Nicaragua has only begun as plans are being made for several more festivals and training conferences through out the country of Nicaragua. We were truly blessed by all that God did and anticipate even greater things in the future!

- Pastor Neal Curtis




Esteli is the third largest city in Nicaragua. Located 150 km north of Managua, Estelí is a fast growing and progressive city of about 119,000 people. But remains the second poorest nation in Latin America after Haiti, with 60% unemployment. It currently reports to be 20% christian in faith.

Estelí was the scene of heavy fighting in the civil war against the Somoza government from 1978 to 1979. The city was heavily air-bombed by the regime's National Guard to the point that most of the city looked like a giant cemetery of building shells. The human casualties were around 15,000; many of them youngsters massacred on suspicion of being part of the insurrection. The city was totally rebuilt but some structures still show bulletholes as a sad remainder of the destruction.



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