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April G.

My name is April. My husband and I moved here 6 wks ago with our 2 children. Alana is 12 and Andrew is 14. We prayed about this move for a very long time. We moved from Atlanta Ga. We left our son which is a senior in high school and daughter in college in Mississippi. Our older son is married which also lives in Ms. So, we are many miles away from all of them. As we were praying that God would give us a sign....Read More

Heather B.

Me and my husband and our two boys got invited to come to living hope back in 2010. I remember it was around Fathers day. I kinda had a set attitude in my mind about Christians...... I had given my heart to the Lord when I was around 13years old, I am 30 now. So I went to Living hope, just waiting,looking for Judgements, looks. I'm not dressed perfect husband Chad has tatoos all over, I told him, wear shorts, in my mind,that was a test!...Read More

Molly S.

The day Dawn Robinson spoke about her survival during September 11th was a few sermons after I gave my heart and life to Jesus. Throughout listing to her speak I remember being amazed that somebody could have such faith in the lord, as i was a new believer. As she was finishing her speech I distinctly remember her telling the church to make things right with the lord daily so that when your 9/11 moment occurs In your life you have everything set straight. ...Read More