TV Ministry

John Bishop TV is the television extension of the ministry of Living Hope Church and the personal ministry of Pastor John Bishop , who is committed to reaching people with the simple, hope giving and life changing message of Jesus Christ. His goal is to cultivate an Acts 2 church where people from all walks of life can find Christ in an accepting and grace-filled environment.

Our hope and prayer for you is that you can grow in your faith and in your walk with God. John Bishop TV has become the home church for many. Our weekly broadcast reaches those who are physically or otherwise unable to attend church services, as well as those who are just seeking a church to call home. Many have been hurt by religion, but still desperate to learn about God and fellowship with other believers. Calls and emails are received weekly from men and women of all ages and backgrounds expressing appreciation for the genuine and transparent nature of Pastor John and have either received Christ or grown in their relationship as a result of watching one of our programs. Some even have taken the next step in professing their decision by being baptized in one of our services.

Currently, we are broadcast locally, but it is our dream to reach the rest of this nation and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to bring hope to the hopeless and be a light to those left in darkness. The vision for this TV ministry is the same as Living Hope: We exist to passionately, authentically and simply help people know and follow Jesus Christ.


Speaking Schedule

TBN channel on Thursdays at 9:30am