Passion Week

Weekly Lifegroup Questions

Passion Week

Pastor John Bishop

April 1 – 8, 2012

1. This last week Pastor John took us through Passion week, a day-by-day account of what Jesus did on each day. What new things did you learn about Jesus’ last days on earth? How did this new knowledge impact you?

2. What are your priorities? Be honest, what do you place first in your life? Look at James 4:14. What does it say about the nature of the one life we have been given? Take some time to talk about what Jesus did in the days preceding His trials in Jerusalem. Where did He spend His time, what did He do (Matthew 21-26? Who did He spend it with (Matthew 26:17-30)? If you knew you only had a short time remaining, what would you do differently?

3. Jesus modeled many things to His followers. What do you see Jesus doing in the following Scriptures? Mark 1:35, Luke 5:16, Mark 14:32-34). What distracts you the most from having time with God? What do you find is the biggest obstacle to prayer? Look at the prayer Jesus teaches His disciples (Matthew 6:5-14). What key elements do you see? Will you make a concerted effort to draw away from the noise of the world to spend time with your God so He can comfort you, touch you, even convict you?

4. Jesus endured unimaginable pain, mutilation and mockery and six hours on the cross for you. This past weekend, we learned in detail what Jesus endured in silence. Take a look at Isaiah 53:4-10. How does the knowledge of what our Savior endured resonate with you? How does it change you? Take a few moments and read through the account of Jesus’ last moments: Matthew 27:32-54, Mark 15:21-39, Luke 23:26-49 and John 19:16-37). What did Jesus say? What did He do?

5. There are going to be “in between” times in our life. The disciples and people that loved Jesus found themselves in this place when Jesus lay in His borrowed grave. Pastor John mentioned that often the circumstance we find ourselves in becomes our reality and we assume that it will become our destiny. Like Peter did, as soon as we take our eyes off of Jesus, we start to sink. If you find yourself in an in between time, what hope and encouragement do the following verses give you: Jeremiah 29:11, Philippians 4:19, 2 Corinthians 4:17).

6. Did you invite someone to church this Easter (You+Who)? Share some stories with your group about the people you invited. How did their lives change, did they get baptized?

Next weekend, we have the privilege of having Arthur Blessitt come and speak. This is another great opportunity to invite friends and family to church. We will also be having baptisms again. Remember, it’s always You+Who. Be bold and intentional.